Personalized Christian & Catholic Jewelry

We are the largest online religious jewelry store on the Internet with over 13,000 products. Religious Jewelry is where to buy a wide assortment of Catholic and Christian items for both men and women that can be personalized to exactly the way you want to celebrate your faith!  You will find beautiful religious medals including Crosses, Crucifixes, and Lockets.  You will also find Christian items such as Ichthys Fish and Holy Spirit as well as Catholic Rosaries.

Christian & Catholic Jewelry Store

We think it is important to offer our customers personalized products that provides a special meaning.  That’s why our store is where to buy medals tailored to specific events in everyday life as well as cherished symbols of your faith.  For this, you will find in our store medals specifically created to celebrate a love of Sports, medals that honor Catholic and Christian Saints and Patron Saints, and Christian and Catholic events such as Baptism and First Communion.  And, because we are proud of the service our Armed Forces provide for all of us, we offer a large number of service-specific religious Military Pendants and Lapel Pins. 

Providing products tailored to the specific needs of our customers is not all that we do. Much of what we offer can be further personalized with engraving.  Depending on the size of the medal, the engraving can include up to 4 lines with 16 characters on each line and can appear in one of five different fonts.

Where to Buy Religious Jewelry?

Much of our products comes with chains.  But for the jewelry pieces that do not have chains, our store is where to buy a large assortment of chains in a wide variety of styles so that your purchase can be personalized to your needs!  You can find chains in several different metals including 10K, 14K, and 18K Gold, and Platinum allowing you to match your chain to your medal.  We offer sizes from our 2 inch extensions all the way up to our 24 inch chains.

Our Sterling Silver products are at least 92.5 percent pure silver.  Our Gold Filled products are made up of a solid layer of 12K Gold bonded with a base metal, such as brass, with a total content of Gold that is 1/20 of the weight of the medal.  Our 14K Gold products are composed of 58.3 percent pure gold and is ideal for fine jewelry.